$35.00 USD

Ukulele Chord Melody for Beginners

Learn to play ukulele chord melody style! 

This course is an accessible introduction to the playing techniques needed to get you started quickly on your journey from strummer to ukulele soloist.

What you'll get:

  • 45 page PDF book of introductory lessons and ukulele solos

  • 18 in depth, easy to follow HD video lessons 

  • Practice tips and methods to help you learn faster

  • Easy to play great sounding solos from The Beatles, Brahms, Johnny Cash and more

This course is designed for beginner ukulele players who are interested in a fast track to playing ukulele in chord melody style.

The materials in this course is easy to follow and doesn't bog the aspiring soloist with excessive notation and music theory.

You'll be guided step by step as you build skills and confidence with each easy going video lesson.  

Each lesson includes relaxing practice techniques to help you progress steadily along your music path.

The foundations you'll develop in this course will expand your musicality on your ukulele and prepare you for more advanced solo material!